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Millennials Are Re-Watching ‘White Chicks’ and Calling It Super Offensive

It was a 2004 box office hit comedy starring the much-loved Wayans brothers, but people are now re-watching White Chicks and wondering whether it is still as funny as it once seemed. Littered with offensive jokes, sexist references and, some are saying, racism, this comedy that was once so popular may not stand …

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Influencers Keep Taking Pics at a Turquoise Lake That’s Actually a Toxic Dump

Influencers will do anything these days to get that perfect vacation snap. Whether that’s a hike to the top of Everest, swimming in shark-infested waters, or even trespassing into Chernobyl… yeah, people have actually done that… we will do simply anything for Insta. But what about a toxic lake? You’d really think …

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